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Board Plan or Revolving Matrix Plan MLM Software

The MLM companies are based on various MLM concepts or MLM Plans. Board Plan is one of popular amongst different MLM plans which is also known as Revolving Matrix Plan.

MLM Board Plan is called because a group of members works in a team (Board) and whenever a board consists a set number of members, the Board splits into two sub-trees. The top one member promoted into next higher board. In MLM terminology the company can set how much promotional board to be introduced and how many members can be in a Board.

MLM Software india also provide the Customized MLM Board Plan Software in which we will set parameters and logics according to current MLM business.

  • Cross Matrix
  • Unlimited Income Board Plan
  • Recycle entry in Board
  • Auto promotion to higher level
  • Auto spliting of MLM Board
  • Qualified Board Report
  • Search Boards according to member

Our consultant team which have lot of experience to design the Board Plan is always ready to assist and suggestion so your MLM business will earn huge profit.

MLM Software India has developed various types of Board Plan for different clients who are fully satisfied with our MLM Board Plan Software and services.

MLM Board Plan Software - Revolving Matrix Plan