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MLM Products - magnetic fuel & gas saver

magnetic fuel & gas saver

magnetic fuel & gas saver

Product Code : NB10133

List Price : Rs. 2100.00
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1.Car Fuel Saver(Save fuel by 5%~8%)

2.Release the energized air-ion

3.Stabilizer has the following two sys

4.ABS Material

Features Description:

1.It can test the car battery or alternator automatically,and in this way to alarm the driver before the battery or alternator does not work.

2.It can release the energized air-ion,which can clean the air in the car.

3.It can both save the fuel and reduce the emissions,which has a more effective function for the old cars and the cars that have not replaced the batteries for a long time.


Car power enhancer/fuel saver/ionizer with indicator

To save fuel by 5%-8% for car with built-in patented module

Improve power for low displacement cars

Improve combustion efficiency and quality of sound

Just push the unit into cigarette socket

Ionizer to fresh air and remove smoke for driver and passengers

LED indicates when unit installed

Fresh air for drivers and remove smoke and odors

Color optional: Pink, metallic black, blue

Emission reduction of CO: 40%

Emission reduction of HC: 14%

Technical Data:

Product size: 100*34mm

Weight (lbs/g): 0.096lbs/48g

Rated Voltage: DC 12V

Negative ions: 5 million/CC

Rated Power: 0.5W

Package: Blister box

Package data:

Unit package box: 115x170x35mm

Detailed Description:

1.How to install and use the unit?

Using This is as easy as reading ABC,just plug the terminal of the unit into your car's cigar-lighter socket and it will work in a few seconds.

2.When This stops working,will it affect or damage my car?

No, it won't,as This is an add-on device that connects only over the car battery through cigarette lighter socket.So it will work like a body-guard to your car,and when it stops working,you car will get back to its original condtion and nothing is affected,but of course,you will lose the benefits from This.

3.If I repeatedly remove and install This from one car to another,will the action affect its function on my car?

In theory, it should not,as long as you carefully plug and unplug it from your car.But our best advise is to keep a unit attach to only a car as repeat action of removing This may result in wear and tear of the connectors both inside your car and also on This.So if you think This is good,you should use a few more units on your different cars instead of constantly removing it from one car to another,it may shorten the life-span of This at your own risk.

4.If I stop using This for a while and reuse it again,will it damage my car?

No, it won't,as it is the same as you stop using This and your car will get back to its original unhealthy condition.You will regain its benefit once you install it again.

5.Is it safe to use This for my car?

Yes, it is very safe to use This it is powered by DC(Direct Current) from your car's battery,so it contains no radioactive or magnetic waves at all. Only device runby AC(Alternating Current) like your house electronic devices will emit harmful waves to human body. Besides,installing This doesn't change any parts in your car so it won't damage anything in your car.

6.Will This shorten my battery life span?

Maybe some of you will wonder if This can store and drain energy from battery,it will use up more battery power compared to when it is not installed. In fact,it is reverse condition, as This is like a secondary battery in your car,so it will reduce your battery load and make battery life longer. Also with its self diagnosis Battery Auto Light Indicator(BALI),now you can know your battery operating voltage easier than before.That is why we say This only should prolong your battery life like numan having regular body check-up program.

7.If I don't remove This from my car when I turn off my car engine,will it affect my battery?

This does need a minimal energy to work,but so small that is insignificant compare to your battery capacity.So you no need to unplug it from your car when your car is regularly in use.Some car has an automatic cut-off electrical supply to the cigar-lighter socket when engine is off to make it safer.As a better advice, if you intend to park your car for weeks or months,you should disconnect the battery regardless if you are using This or not,as other electrical devices in your car will drain energy from your battery and make your battery flat even faster as compare to This.

8.Who can benefit from This?

This is designed for everyone,not only for car enthusiast, especially you have an old car where all electronic device getting aged and weak.Using This will provide stable voltage supply to those aged electronic devices and make them work effectively.You will see better air-conditioning,easier engine start,more fuel saving,more engine respond etc.And it is so universal that you can use it on all kinds of cars,SUV,pick-up,trucks,compact car,luxury car,sport car etc.

About how This to test the car batteries,release the air-ion andrealize the principle to save fuel,please view the new column on the main website of our company.

We can provide various Fuel Saver for improving the combustion fluid fuel in combustion devices, such as, general burners, incinerators, fuel oil boilers from appliance boilers to heat power boilers (home or industrial heating), various combustion furnaces, and internal combustion engines in automobiles (two-cycle and four-cycle, diesel and gasoline), trucks, ships and jets, where the fuel employed is liquid or gaseous hydrofuels, such as oil, gas, natural gas, propane, kerosene, gasoline, fuel oil, butane, etc... Applying a magnetic field to ionizing fuel to be fed to combustion devices we can ensure more complete combustion, obtaining a maximization of the fuel economy,improving the fuel efficiency and reducing polluting emissions. The magnetic field strength must be at a higher surface Gauss level (3000--10000Gauss), decreases 5%-20% the burning of oil, protect the environment by reducing pollution30%-90%.it is installed outside the piping, it is maintenance free.

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