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MLM Products - petrol saver for two wheelers

petrol saver for two wheelers

petrol saver for two wheelers

Product Code : NB10134

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About this product- Petrol Saver For Two Wheelers


USES A VACUUM GLASS TUBE technology to increase the strength of the spark of the spark plug. When the current flows thru the vacuum tube it increases the spark of the spark plug that actually results in a better combustion of the petrol thereby giving you a better mileage by giving you a Higher pickup and more power to the engine.

With this system you will have minimum wastage of fuel as the strength of the spark increases to give more combustion

Better Combustion also results in less smoke so this system is also Eco Friendly!!

As this system results in less smoke means less carbon formation on the piston Head and the cylinder so it also results in a longer life to the spark plug.

Another great advantage of the increase spark is that your vehicle starts quickly in any Weather especially in the winters.

Better Spark strength will also free you from MISSING problem. Do you know that when you drive very frequently due to weak spark your vehicle tends to miss the stroke as even in case of the miss the fuel injector still works this actually results in the loss of fuel for that particular stroke and the worst part is that we don't even come to know when this missed stroke has happened as the next stroke if successful takes over but with the use of this system there will be minimum missed strokes thereby giving you an increased mileage.

PLEASE NOTE - This Product does not come with any installation manual as it is a product intended for a professional installation , If you are not familiar with installation of similar product we suggest you take the help from a mechanic. As such this system has to be installed between the coil and the sparkplug.


Based on the vacuum tube technology!

A Must for Every 2 Wheeler

Saves upto 10% to 15% of fuel

Image shown is Indicative, Color & Design may slightly differ from the Image shown.

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MLM Products - petrol saver for two wheelers