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MLM Products - Bio Magnetic Bracelet Double Line

Bio Magnetic Bracelet Double Line

Bio Magnetic Bracelet Double Line

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Information of Bio-Magnetic Bracelet (Double Line)

We all know that use of magnets as therapeutic devices is not new. Magnet Therapy is an age-old practice going back many civilisations and was mentioned in ancient writings from many cultures. It is now undergoing a popular revival, this is in part through the influence of modern magnetic materials and also due to the increasing use of magnet therapy in the health and sports arena to relieve pain and encourage healing of injuries.

Magnet Therapy has become an alternative treatment method for many medical conditions. Magnetic therapy is well advanced in Japan, China, India, Australia and Germany. There is growing interest from other countries including Great Britain, Holland, Canada and the United States.

The Bio Magnetic Bracelet works to cure your health through the Magnet Therapy.  The Bio Magnetic Bracelet weared on the wrist and you can resize the Bio Magnetic Bracelet as your wrist size.

The Bio Magnetic Bracelet has following specifications:

  • 36 Magnets in the bracelet.
  • Gold and Silver Colored Bio Magnetic Bracelet.
  • Resizable according to the wrist size.


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MLM Products - Bio Magnetic Bracelet Double Line