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MLM Products - mop rotating spin floor cleaner

mop rotating spin floor cleaner

mop rotating spin floor cleaner

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Buy Magic Mop Rotating Spin 360 Degrees Floor Cleaner
Great for cleaning hard floor in office, kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, glass, window etc. Magic Spin Dry MOP Saves Effort, Time and Electricity. The mop head moves 360 degrees and it can clean any place in your house, office and restaurant. The mop cleans, removes dust and absorbs water, making the floor clean and dry right away.New mop head design can be rotated freely through 360 degrees to evenly and easily clean any corner. It reaches and cleans narrow place that other can never or hard to reach such as between refrigerator and wall, washer and wall, window, blind, bathroom ceiling, wall and so on!! It also can be used as dust remover when its dry. You can clean TV, computer, monitor and furniture! Not only that, you can wash your car as well! The unique micro-fibers used in the mop head resist wear, fight bacteria and clean without scratching floors or delicate surfaces.Its so easy to use that even children can master it.


Dry/Wet Mop - No Marks, Safe, and Easy to Clean
Mop head 360 degree rotated and easy to reach any corner and used for cleaning from indoor to outdoor Places like floors, corners, under furniture, in the bathroom and along baseboards and other hard-to-reach places
Microfiber mop head works great wet and dry without power supply and release your hand from dirty and chemical cleaning harm.
Mop made of plastic and microfiber fabric; bucket made of plastic & keeps your hands out of dirty water
Easy to replace round mop disk design makes mopping up floors an easy task
Handle angle may be adjusted from 45 to 180 degrees for the most comfortable mopping position
specially designed pedal-operated spin system uses centrifugal force to squeeze out all the excess water so that your floors dry faster and without drips or streaks.
The super-large, 360 degree rotating mop head allows you to cover more surface area and reach those difficult corners with ease.
Safe on all types of hard flooring, it soaks up big spills and shifts stubborn scuff marks in seconds.
Mop head spins 360 degrees, easily capturing dirts
Dual function cleaning: power rinse & power dry. The ultimate clean-up mop can be used to clean any hard-floor surface, be it Granite, Tiles, Marble, Wood, Glass or even cars.
No bending down and no dirty water and Touch less mop design to protect your hands on your hands.

1. Full bucket 1pc with pedal device.
2. Handle mop pole 1 set.
3. Microfiber cotton mop head 2pcs.
4. Instruction manual 1pc.

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MLM Products - mop rotating spin floor cleaner