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FAQ - MLM Software India

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)An FAQ is known as set of frequently asked questions which are common in our website visitors mind who willing to develop MLM Software. The FAQ is also defined as Questions and Answers (Q & A) and here we have given most of frequently asked questions with their answers regarding our MLM Software and MLM Software Development Company from India. Followings are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about MLM Software India and Multi Level Network Marketing Business Company:

Which is world's #1 MLM software company in India?

MLM Software India is world's #1 MLM software company from India.

Is the MLM Software India a registered firm/ company?

Yes, the MLM Software India is venture of Corbit Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which is registered since 2013 under company law of India.

Is MLM software developed by MLM Software India is safe?

Yes, we use the latest technology to develop MLM software and our software developer always keeps up-to-date with newly introduced technology for data security.

Did MLM Software India is providing free MLM Software demo?

Yes, we are providing completely free demo of MLM Software as plan requested by the client or visitor. You can request free MLM Software demo by clicking here.

Is the MLM Software mobile compatible?

Yes, we develop responsive MLM website and software. Thus, any members or visitors can explore our developed MLM website/ software on any mobile gadgets.

How much time it will takes to develop a standard MLM Software?

It depends upon the requirement of your concept or business plan. The standard with minimal requirement MLM software we deliver within 3-4 working days.

Is it required to visit your office to develop MLM software?

No, you can share your business plan on our email ID, whatsapp and for any queries just discuss through telephonically. We will develop MLM Software and deliver you online within a given time period.

Is MLM Software online and accessible from anywhere in the world?

Yes, our developed MLM software is completely online and anybody can access from anywhere in the world.

Do you develop all kind of MLM Software?

Yes, we develop all type of MLM software including customized MLM Software.

Did you integrate payment gateway in MLM Software?

Yes, our technical team have specialization in integration of any payment gateway through that you can accept payment of your customers online.

Is MLM Software readymade or customized tool?

The MLM Software is not a readymade tool. We develop customized MLM Software according to clients need and requirement. We integrate additional features in the MLM Software along with the basic required features in the MLM software.

Can you help to register my direct selling business according to government guideline?

Yes, we will help you to register your direct selling business in government rules and guideline and provide all the features to manage direct selling business in our developed MLM Software.

Do you Integrate DMT Service?

Yes, we integrate DMT (Domestic Money Transfer) facility in MLM Software. Through this facility you can transfer money directly to your members/ leaders bank accounts.

Do you integrate Mobile/DTH Recharge Service?

Yes, we integrate Mobile/ DTH/ Billing API into MLM Software. Our software developer capable to integrate all providers services into MLM Software.

What about your after sale support services?

Our aim is just not to sale MLM Software, we believe in customer satisfaction and thus provides 24x7 supports to our clients.

Do you provide Staff/Operator management module in MLM Software?

Yes, we provide very flexible staff/ operator management module with our MLM Software. Through that you can authorize your staff for particular task in our developed MLM Software and restrict some sensitive tasks to them.

Do you Integrate Crypto currency API?

Yes, we integrate all type of Crypto currency APIs with our MLM Software.

Any Additional Software Installation is required for your MLM Software?

No, there is no additional software installation is required to operate our developed MLM Software. You can run on any platform or gadgets to our MLM software.

What is the cost of MLM Software?

The cost of MLM Software vary upon MLM compensation plan, requirement and features in the MLM Software. You share your MLM compensation plan to our sales executive by clicking here and they will let you know all the details about the cost of MLM Software and features.

What does MLM Software do?

MLM Software is fully automated system to organize newly registered members, analyse and calculate compensation, display structure and list of all the transactions with 100% accuracy according to MLM business concept.